Canicross made in Spain II – Lali Masriera

Mit der TDM Spezialistin und Top Trailrunnerin Leire Fernandez gehört Lali Masriera zu den absoluten Top Stars der Spanischen Canicross Szene. Aktuell ist sie Spanische Meisterin und wir möchten euch Lali und ihre Hunde ein wenig vorstellen.

1.) When did get your first dog,  and how many dogs do you have now?

My first dog was Vodka, an english pointer & english setter mix, almost 6 years ago.
Almost 3 years ago, moved in Hiska, a german pointer, my current competition dog.
This year we have 2 new dogs in our team: Gora & Cota, two greyster sisters that will start competing next season!

2.) When did you start with Dogsport and how did that happen?

I started with Dogsport 5 years ago. I was looking for a way to exercise my dog Vodka in less
time, so I start to run.  Then I have looked forward to an “harness”, searching this product on the
internet I discovered that there was a sport called canicross! I bought a basic harness and belt and start to race 🙂


3.) What type of dog do you work with?

Actually I work with Hiska, a pure german pointer with a high level of energy. Hiska it’s always
ready to go, it doesn’t matter if it’s a walk, run or hard training.
Now we’re starting to work with Gora & Cota, the greyster sisters.

4.) Please give us some informations about your training methods! How many times per week
do you train (summer and winter)?

I usually work resistance a lot, we do long walks (I walk, dogs run and run and run free and
discover new places, surfaces, experiences…). Every morning we walk for an hour or two.
During the season (in winter) we do not realize too much tied trainings, just one or two sessions
per week (in addition to the weekend competition), but we go out for a free run of 7-10k
one ore two times per week.
Out of season (in summer), we continue to walk every morning for 2 hours, and we try to work
with water, go to the river, lake, beach… just work with fun and add some 7-10k free runs at first
hour in the morning or late at the evening. At the end of summer, we start to work with a very
short tied sessions of bikejoring, just 4-5k to “get on fit” progressively and take advantage of the
exercise base we did during the summer.

5.) Please tell us about your greatest sporting successes – with and without dog(s).
With dogs:
– First place at Spanish Championship Dryland 2016
– First place at Spanish Championship Snow 2016
– First place at Catalan Leage season 2015 2016 and 2014 2015
– First place at Catalan Championship Dryland 2016 and 2015
Without dogs:
– First place at Trail Fonts del Montseny 2015 (28k, 1500m+)
– Second place at Cursa Cingles de Bertí 2015 (26k)
– Third place Trail de Vallforners 2015 (32k)
– Fourth place at Trail Ulldeter 2015 (30k, 2000m+)

Canicross, Trailrunning und Mountainbiking – Lalis grosse Leidenschaft

6.) What is the “special thing” in this kind of sport for you?
For me, the best of sport with dogs is they predisposition to work. I love when Hiska jump for joy
when she realizes we’re go out for a run or a training session, always! Just fun! She doesn’t
asks how many kms, where would we go, if it’s cold or raining, she’s always happy and just
want to go out with you! When I see my dogs are having fun, I’m very happy.
They “connect” me and make me feel thankfulness, even if I’m very tired or it’s early in the
morning. Of course there’re bad moments too, but they always make you smile at the end.

Eine Frau mit sportlichen Ambitionen….vielleicht sogar im Skijöring

7.) Could you please tell us about your future plans and the sporting matches you want to visit
the upcoming season?
I hope to be able to go to the European Championships this year, it will be very exciting to race
with new people and run at 100%!
Of course we’ve a lot of work to do with the “juniors”, so we’ll have to prioritize some courses to
let them start and learn, but we’ll try to do our best again at the Spanish Championships too.
Maybe try skijoring at the Snow Championships too, just to have fun and try new things!

8.) Do you want to tell us about some special moments you had while you are working with the dogs?
I love individual starts, because that is a moment when Hiska looks to me and it seems she’s
asking “are you ready”? She’s feels like starting to race, staring to the other racers that leave
before us, but always look after to you in a complicity feeling.

Lalis profile:
Name(s) of the dog(s): Vodka, Hiska, Gora & Cota
Your age: 32
Job: Web designer
Residence: Santa Eulalia de Ronçana (Catalonia)
Sponsor(s): Clínica Veterinaria Les Franqueses, Doggallop, EQDOG, Viyo, Inverse, OXD, Sergi
Arxe Fisioterapia, Retorn, TBikes

Wir freuen uns auf Lali und Ihre Hunde….ventuell beim VulCanicross 2017

Pfotenläufer Peter

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